Statement for Persons That Will Need to Dismantle Items on Site

Persons Dismantling Items from the Bradken site must comply with the following site rules.

Risk Assessment / JSA (job safety analysis)  Completed or you can sign onto the site equipment removal JSA

Visitor Induction Completed 

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Long Pants and long sleeve clothing.

HI Vis Top or vest to be worn

Safety glasses 

Leather gloves

Safety boots

Qualifications and safety equipment if working at heights

Site Safety Officer to check that all these requirements have been met before site access is approved 

Bradkens will have the right to eject anyone from the site who does not comply with safety instructions.


Pre Approved Engineering Contractors
Palmers Mechanical Ltd are pre-approved Bradken’s contractors, contact them to discuss decommissioning options:
Required Documentation