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Skylarc began as the answer to the question, how can we sell large numbers of assets across New Zealand efficiently and with as much bang-for-buck for our clients?

Where New Zealanders had embraced Trade Me on an individual level, Sam Brown and Joe Kalee, saw the opportunity to use the Trade Me model as Skylarc’s number one sales platform. After all it was working for millions of Kiwis (4.5 million users at last count), and founder Sam Brown had already seen the benefit of Trade Me, championing it as a sales tool in his previous commercial roles.

Skylarc is built on a simple goal: maximising your financial return. The Skylarc team do this through rigorous attention to detail, good systems, increasing customer reach, taking a sustainable approach to business and offering a clear and transparent process.

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Our experienced team has sold just about everything, right across industry

Sam Brown

Recruited early on in his career by a large auction house, Sam started out as a traditional auctioneer before working his way to National Commercial Manager, in the process transitioning a failing traditional auction house into a multi-million dollar Trade Me operation. Over the years Sam has run some of New Zealand’s largest online event auctions. Sam founded Skylarc to create an auction business with a focus on industry aimed at maximising vendor return through the highest possible quality. 

Joe Kalee

Joseph Kalee comes form a formal background in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Cartography and IT science fields, both in the US and in New Zealand. He also has past experience in commercial Ebay selling which led him to become involved in Trademe selling in New Zealand by working for one of New Zealand’s largest auction houses. He currently freelances in GIS on the side while assisting Sam full time in growing Skylarc into a leading online auction house.

Ian Talbot

Ian Talbot joins Skylarc from a background in the transport and logistics industry primarily working as a 2IC/supervisor in multiple import/export/domestic operations where quality of work was of the utmost importance. Also qualified as a computer/network service technician Ian utilises these technical skills on a daily basis to ensure our customers receive the best possible outcome.

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