What's The Plan?

Before putting your assets on the market it is important to know exactly what the process will be. Skylarc’s free proposal provides a clear sales path that covers every aspect of running your auction and selling your assets. From small events on our premises, to complex auctions in multiple remote locations with large volumes of assets, Skylarc creates a plan to give you the best financial return.

What Our Clients Say

Event strategy

Our team works with you to identify what type of auction will give you the best return on your assets: unreserved, reserved, buy now or a combination of strategies.


And if you need to move your assets for auction, Skylarc will organise relocation depending on what will minimise your costs and maximise your return.

Time frames

We let you know about all the important timings involved in your auction including set up time for the auction, marketing lead time, how long the auction will be online, when buyers are scheduled to collect their purchases and length of time to clean the site.


We identify what marketing channels to use to reach as many buyers as possible. We use online marketing, printed media including newspapers and magazines, and pick up the phone to call potential buyers.

Preparation & equipment

We determine what is required and what we need to do to get the most for your assets, e.g. grooming, repairs, transportation, etc. We provide you with quotes for any third party contractors and manage the work.

Health & safety

Health and safety are major considerations in the workplace, with serious repercussions for companies that don’t provide a safe environment. When working on your premises, we can provide you with a site-specific health and safety plan or work within yours.

Collection & clean up

Once your assets are sold, we work with buyers to establish how the assets will be removed from your site. Often we provide an estimated freight cost with the listing.  

And when site clean up is required, we ensure that the site is returned to the owner to an agreed state.


As part of our proposal, we give you the best possible estimate of all costs associated with the auction. This includes a breakdown of marketing costs, quotes or hourly rates, and estimated work times for any third party contractors necessary in the set-up or clean up. We also provide a detailed breakdown of the commission and costs for every asset sold.

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