Your Online Auction

A Trade Me online auction exposes your assets to millions of people across New Zealand and across every industry including your own, greatly increasing your audience reach and your financial return. Our professional team of sales experts manages everything involved from setting up your assets for sale to managing the auction process, collection and payment.

What Our Clients Say

The Onsite Set-up

Skylarc’s experienced team describe and photograph each individual asset (and test, clean or repair assets as required). We create lots that result in the greatest buyer demand in order to maximise your financial return. Our mobile description platform means listings automatically upload (cell coverage allowing) to a public test server. This allows you and potential bidders to view listings long before the auction is live. This also gives you an opportunity to provide feedback on preliminary listings.

Enhancing your assets

Preliminary listings are refined by our team back in the office. Further relevant information, including specifications and web links to manufacturers’ sites are added to increase buyer confidence and your financial return.


Where possible we include nationwide freight costs on your assets to give you a truly nationwide audience.

Managing the Auction

Once the auction is live online, our team takes care of every aspect to ensure its success. We answer the constant stream of buyer questions promptly, organise viewing for buyers, and take care of all aspects of the sales process including security and health and safety compliance.

Viewing days

Depending on the size of your event, viewing days can be an important part of ensuring buyers have the confidence to bid for your assets. We work with you to decide if building in viewing days is beneficial to sell your assets. This can take away the risk and uncertainty for buyers of buying ‘sight unseen’.

Asset collection & payment

All aspects of payment and distribution of assets are handled by our team. The timing and operation of collection will depend on the size of the auction, access to the site, and any health and safety issues. We operate an advanced online buyer appointment system for asset collection, giving us precise management over who and how many people are on-site at any one time.

Reporting & payment

A breakdown of your raw asset sales is provided to you each day giving you an accurate and up-to-date picture of how sales are tracking . All funds are automatically deposited to you via direct credit after we receive payment from our buyers. We email invoices and remittances so you know when to expect the funds. Third party costs are also charged to you at cost.

Previous Projects

Our previous projects show the quality of our results