Our business is see through

If building trust with our clients is the key to our success, business transparency is the cornerstone of our operations. Every part of the Skylarc process is open for our clients to see how we are valuing, listing and promoting their assets for sale. With a free proposal outlining expected returns and costs, and payment as individual assets sell, each identifiable step provides a clear and auditable trail.

What Our Clients Say

Estimated Sale Price Valuations

Through your unique valuation hyperlink we provide you with immediate online access to your assets. Watch live updates as your assets get valued and photographed, see our initial thoughts on the value of your assets before we refine and update these values through our research process.

Auction Setup

We send you an auction hyperlink. As our team lists each item online you will be given immediate access to it. This enables you to review each and every asset we describe as we work, giving you an opportunity to provide us with feedback.

The Online Auction

The Trade Me auction is an open process where every item we list for sale is publicly viewable. This delivers a transparent, competitive event that is fair for all parties. From initial listing to auction close, and throughout the whole process.

Invoicing and Payment

Our invoice and payment system is transparent. Every fee charged is detailed with its origin. Skylarc doesn’t add a margin to any contracted services, and our contractors’ invoices are freely available to you.

Previous Projects

Our previous projects show the quality of our results