What Are Your Assets Worth?

While no one can tell you exactly what your assets will sell for on any given day, Skylarc’s extensive industry experience puts you in the best position to realise your assets potential. Our knowledge of a wide range of equipment, market understanding, and research skills combine to give you a forecast of what you could realistically expect to achieve at market.

What Our Clients Say


When you need to know what your assets are worth, we can provide estimated sale price valuations. This can be provided either as a standalone service or as part of an overall asset sales plan. As part of our process we meticulously research your assets and check recent sales of similar equipment and the current market to give you an estimated return.

Mobile valuation

Visiting your site and using our cutting-edge mobile valuation tool, we record your items within the time available. We take hundreds of photos, record models, age, and condition. This data automatically uploads to our online repository (within cellular coverage) where it is immediately available to you.  


We then head back to the office where we meticulously research your assets, recent sales of similar equipment, and the current market to give you an estimated return in the event we sell.


Skylarc’s aim is to give you the best possible return. We give you a conservative valuation (with no surprises) based on what can be realistically achieved in current market conditions. This valuation includes:

  • Accurate descriptions (make, model, condition and age)
  • Accessible images (detailed photographs, easily accessed)
  • Estimated values (high and low estimates)
  • Hard copies (of all information in preferred format)
  • Your information (to match against your asset register)
  • Our people (available for any questions you may have)

Free proposals

We provide obligation-free proposals with a plan to sell your assets.

Previous Projects

Our previous projects show the quality of our results