Where New Zealanders buy and sell

Trade Me is a New Zealand phenomenon and embedded in Kiwi culture. With millions of members it is by far our largest consumer and commercial marketplace. As New Zealand’s default marketplace for everything from heavy construction equipment to kitchen appliances, it is the place to buy, and more importantly sell. 

Skylarc is New Zealand’s most experienced Trade Me sales team. We are skilled in the use of Trade Me as an online real-time auction tool. Our goal to maximise your financial return by building the best listing for each asset and using Trade Me’s undeniable reach.

What Our Clients Say

Highest Quality Listings

  • Detailed photos of your asset (up to 20 photos)
  • Important features
  • Specification plates
  • Video footage of high value machinery running


Detailed descriptions
  • Specifications and dimensions
  • Web links to the manufacturers and informational sites


Accurate condition information
  • Operating condition
  • Service history
  • Our own test information
  • An honest accurate representation of your equipment

Largest Possible Audience

Trade Me search
  • Appropriate auction titles
  • Keywords and descriptions
  • Listings easily found through Trade Me search


Event auction effect
  • Multiple listings for related goods
  • Buyers bid on many items of potential interest
  • Large numbers of related equipment closing over a short period of time


Promotional options
  • Appropriate promotional options for each listing
  • Maximise visibility

Simplest Buyer Process

Simple payment process
  • Instant automated buyer invoicing
  • Integrated Trade Me payment methods, e.g. Ping and Afterpay


Comprehensive freight options
  • Nationwide shipping (where possible)
  • Simple buyer delivery options


Simple honest communication
  • Automated systems for the day-to-day (reporting, communications etc)
  • We focus on excellent customer service for the hard stuff