International Liquidation Tender and Online Auction

After 30 years of development and over 50 million in investment this iconic startup companies assets must be sold. All technology, Jetpack prototypes and associated equipment is for tender.

The Martin Jetpack is a unique flying machine that was nearing production when the company closed. This is an opportunity to own one of these unique machines or for an enterprising organisation to finish the development and bring it to market with most of the hard work already done.

All aircraft and spares, technology including company servers, branding and technical documentation information is up for initial tender with the option to buy everything from a single aircraft to the whole company as a single lot.




All other assets of the company will be sold at online auction

Auction runs on Trade Me from November 11th – November 21st

Click here to preview of the auction – More items loaded daily

Tender Assets Include

  • Martin Jetpack company servers with design data
  • Composite component manufacturing moulds and assembly jigs
  • Martin Jetpack branding rights
  • Martin Jetpack Series 1 - S/N: S1.5 ZK-KCS
  • Martin Jetpack Series 1 - S/N S1.4 - ZK-JPK
  • Martin Jetpack P14 - S/N: P14.1 - ZK-MJA
  • Martin Jetpack P13 - S/N: P12.1 - ZK-UTV.
  • Martin Jetpack prototype 12 unmanned drone
  • 3 Martin Jetpack Series 1 new unassembled airframes
  • Huge range of new Series 1 and Prototype 12 parts
  • Four Rotron RT1200 quadrotor rotary engines
  • Zero Hour PBS Velka TS100 helicopter turboshaft engine
  • Multi axis full emersion Jetpack training simulators

Auction Assets Include

  • Martin Jetpack P12 Prototype - S/N: P12.3 - ZK-JMK
  • Historic Martin Jetpack PR10 Prototype, first manned flights
  • Olympus EPOCH 650 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • Range of Lab DC Regulated Power Supplies
  • Chroma DC Electronic Mainframe w/ Load Modual
  • BK Precision Multi Range Programmable DC Power Supply 9205
  • Rohde & Schwarz Programmable Power Supply HMP4040
  • Tektronix Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope DPO 2014B
  • Atten DDS Function Waveform Generator ATF20B
  • Spectracom GSG-5 Series Multi Function GNSS Simulator
  • Digitech Digital Storage Oscilloscope QC1932
  • BK Precision 150W DC Electronic Load Unit 8540
  • Rohde & Schwarz EMI Test Receiver ESL6 w/ Case & Accessories
  • Keysight Agilent Handheld Digital Oscilloscope U1620A
  • National Instruments PXIe-1062Q Chassis with 4x Modules
  • Com-Power Portable Antenna Kit ANK-318
  • Range of High End Multimeters and Clamp Meters
  • Red Box Aircraft Battery Start Power Unit RB50A, 12V, New
  • Cembre HT51 Crimping Tool
  • 2014 Rotax Supercharged Jetski Engine
  • Large Amounts of Honda CR500 Performance Motorcycle Engine Parts
  • 200hp Dynamometer
  • Large Numbers of Oculus Rift 3d Headsets and Development Kits
  • Huge Variety of Radio Control Equipment, Transmitters, Servos, UAV Flight Controllers
  • Huge Range and Number of New Lithium Ion Battery Packs
  • Custom V4 200hp Two Stroke Engines Based of Honda CR500
  • Henchman Premium Comprehensive Aviation Airframe Tool Kit
  • Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera
  • Additel Multifunction Process Calibrator 222A
  • Large Numbers of Laptop Computers