Harper Enterprises (2007) Limited trading as CKH Homes was a residential building firm operating throughout South Canterbury placed into liquidation in April 2019. They occupied an office block located in central Oamaru and a commercial yard and buildings located approximately a kilometer from their offices.

The Challenge

Both the office and yard required clearing as quickly as possible. The office block consisted of a range of standard office furniture, a display kitchen, a range of new demonstration building fittings and appliances along with a large number of records for secure destruction. The office also had a storage shed with a range of building materials and sundries. 

The yard contained a 20’ shipping container containing tools and building materials. There was a range of trailers, portable builders sheds and garage containing various building supplies. The company also had several assets offsite that needed to be either recovered or sold from their current location depending on which option was the most cost effective. 

The Process

Two auctions were run, the first site was the central Oamaru office block due to the high cost of building rental. Exiting the premises as quickly as possible to ensure a minimum of residual rental cost was a priority. The first auction event ran for seven days and consisted of 70 lots, it was office furniture themed with building supplies and tools being relocated to the builders yard. The second auction totalled 121 lots and was building themed with a range of single and tandem axle trailers, a 20’ container, builders sheds, a wide range of tools and building supplies.

Skylarc prepared the online auctions to maximise recoveries, photographing, describing and testing each item. Each listing provided potential buyers with detailed information resulting in a high level of bidder confidence. Where possible, smaller, easily freighted items, were assigned a delivery cost which opened up the auction to a nationwide audience.

The Results

Skylarc coordinated the removal of all assets from the company’s premises, collected payments from purchasers, deducted costs and commissions from the sale proceeds and ensured that the premises were vacated as soon as possible. Skylarc also organised the removal of large volumes of company records from both premises and relocated them for secure document destruction.