Platinum Logistics, a storage and transport logistics operator based in Ngauranga, Wellington operated a medium sized warehouse. In January 2018, they were placed into liquidation. Skylarc was brought in to clear the premises and sell the assets.

The challenge

Platinum Logistics’ assets consisted of 13 40′ containers, plus containers from several container rental firms joined together by a mezzanine roof of floor boarding mounted to the roofs of the containers. The company also had an eclectic range of office furniture, IT equipment, tools and building supplies.

Skylarc was requested to clear the premises, sell the container assets, remove the third party rental containers and sell the office furniture and other assets within a very short timeframe.

The outcome

Skylarc visited the site, organised multiple external contractors to disassemble the container roofs and removed them from the building for collection by their respective owners.

The containers were described and photographed on-site before removal to a third party storage provider where they were sold for considerably more than expected via an online Trade Me auction.

Skylarc also transported the furniture and sundry items to a third party contractors’ warehouse where we ran a separate online event.