Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) is the branch of the Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) responsible for efficiently and effectively managing the radio spectrum in New Zealand. They create, manage and distribute the radio frequency licenses used by commercial operators for the transmission of commercial radio stations throughout New Zealand. RSM commissioned Skylarc to run the 17th Radio Spectrum auction, a series of five frequencies located throughout New Zealand from Waikato through to Ashburton. This was the third RSM auction Skylarc had run.

The Process

In order to provide an open impartial public process, Skylarc ran a Trade Me event auction for the 5 frequencies, with each auction closing after 7 days online with a ½ hour gap between each listing closing. This ensured buyers had the opportunity to bid on multiple frequencies if they desired. Proof listings were provided by Skylarc to the RSM team for review and feedback in the weeks prior to the auction going live. This gave RSM the opportunity to review the listings and provide feedback and corrections. RSM managed all marketing of the auction directly to industry. Once approved these listings then went live on Trade Me at the agreed date and time. With significant sums involved, Skylarc provided a vetting service where buyers contacted Skylarc directly prior to bidding to ensure their authenticity.

The Result

The auction created considerable interest within the industry and on the closing day there was significant bidding activity. All frequency licenses sold, and all but one for significantly above reserve. Total turnover was $184,414 on combined reserves of $61,679. Skylarc managed the collection of funds and RSM client information, handing this on to RSM for registration of the licenses. For more information see the RSM auction information page: