Included in this lot is Martin Jetpacks servers consisting of the companies servers with design data mainly created in Solidworks and a large amount of test data from a variety of applications. There’s also a very large amount of video footage of the machines being tested and supplier information. The local hard disks of company design machines is also included are backups on removable drives there is approximately 30 terabytes of data. The contents of these machines can be seen via files names on the link provided and viewing of the contents under supervision with a signed non-disclosure agreement is available to interested parties. This data covers all of the known versions of the Jetpack from prototype 11 to the current Series 1 aircraft. It also includes marketing data and information about test flights and CAA approvals for manned flights as an experimental aircraft.

There is a large number of physical paperwork assets including all of the build sheets and plans for the current series one aircraft and a large amount of test data. There is approximately two cubic metres of file boxes covering a wide range of fields.

This lots also includes the  molds for constructing the current Series 1 aircrafts carbon composite components and jigs for assembling the aircraft, this includes:
Landing Gear
Crucifix Mold
Landing Gear Molds
Tail Cone Drilling Jigs
Fuselage Drilling Jig
Operators Backrest Mold
Duct Outer Mold and Assembly Jig
Fan Blade Molds
Fuselage Molds
Tail Cone Molds
Fan Nose Cone Molds
Fan Stator Blade Molds
Structural Stator Molds
Drive Belt Box
Internal Airframe Molds
Assorted Molds
Duct Test and Setup Equipment

There is also an electronics test bed used for testing software and electrical systems in various configurations. This is made up of a Jetpack airframe mounted on a frame with all of the associated electronics and many parts used for testing various configurations of the Jetpack systems.

Also included in this lot is the thrust test rig used for testing the duct system power output.

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