The RT1200-P concept quad-rotor engine is one of Rotron’s most technically advanced engines.
Supplied to Martin Jetpack as powerplants for their Jetpack units.
Model: Rotron RT1200
Displacement: 1200cc
Engine Weight: 54kg
Max Peak Power: 200hp (150hp continuous)
Max Peak RPM: 7500rpm
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Engine 1
Dyno tested
Total running time 1.17 hours
Bare engine

Engine 2
Running when removed, small amount of corrosion found after transit.
Total running time 0.57 hours
Inlet manifold no exhaust

Engine 3
Fitted to aircraft
Total running time 0.44 hours
Note cracked inlet

Engine 4
Bare engine with starter motor
installed for Dyno testing
Notes returned to stores in serviceable condition
Total running time 0.78 hours

Wide Range of Parts and Accessories
Box of air filters and throttle bodies
Water manifolds
Intake manifold a factory Rotron
Steel exhaust extractors
Steel inlet runners
Titanium water pipes
Titanium air cooling pipes
Custom test inlet runners
Custom inhouse developed inlet manifold aimed at efficiency
3D printed air cooling manifolds
Carbon fiber air cooling manifolds
Titanium exhaust headers
2 x titanium mufflers
4 x steel mufflers
Assorted gaskets and spares
Factory transport boxes