Included is all the design models and construction data and machining information for Scott Waterjet Jet Units

Scott Waterjets are some of the best with a dominating presence in high performance applications and Jetsprint racing with 16 word championship wins.


Jet Unit Models:

6.1” Two-Stage with Trim -SWJ612 50 – 300hp

Newly developed “6X2 Two-Stage with Trim – SWJ6X2

8.1” Two-Stage with Trim -SWJ812 250 – 500hp

8.5” Two-Stage with Trim -SWJ852x 350 – 850hp

9.1” Two-Stage with Trim -SWJ912 450 – 1200hp

149 Sprint Units:


Steering Nozzles:

Hamilton Jet HJ770 Steering (Posi) Nozzle

Mercury Sport Jet Steering (Posi) Nozzle



Hamilton Jet HJ770 – Scott 19” Buller Impeller

Hamilton Jet HJ770 – Scott Rear Impeller


Trim Nozzles:

SD309 & SD312 – American Turbine Trim Nozzle

MSJ 175, 200 and 240 – Mercury Sport Jet Trim Nozzle

HJ212 – Hamilton Jet HJ212 Trim Nozzle


The incumbent machine shop for Scott Waterjet United Machinists has expressed their interest in partnering with prospective buyer(s) that have experience and strong networks in the jet-boating industry. United has been the sole machine shop for the manufacture of Scott Waterjet components and has a history of over 20 years with the company.

The quality and performance of the Scott Waterjet propulsion system in the market is a well recognised exemplar in the industry. United believe a manufacturing partnership with a sales and distribution focused owner would enable Scott Waterjet realise their national and international market opportunities, as well as deliver on the significant pipeline of customer sales already in place.

United Machinists are a precision CNC machine shop based in Dunedin, their world class facility produces precision machined components for leading aerospace, medical, marine and hi-tech companies. Featuring fully automated 5 axis milling, state of the art mill-turn capabilities and industry leading digital production management, United offers a turn-key manufacturing solution for an immediate re-start to production, including jet assembly if required.

Jet Unit Models and Design Info