Included are casting moulds for manufacturing the various components of the Scott Water Jet jet units

These parts have historically been cast by Giltech Precision Engineering in Dunedin however Wickham foundry in Christchurch is also available and experienced in casting jet unit components and are interested in partnering with the buyer to produce the castings


Item Number Item Name
SWJ149/110TP1188 SWJ 149/110 Tail Pipes Sprint
SWJ149IS1187 SWJ 149 Intakes Sprint
SWJ150I1450 SWJ 150 Intake
SWJ212/752/812/852ND1186 SWJ 212/752/812/852 NozDefl
SWJ212/770TR/SB2576 SWJ212/770 Trim Ring + Boss
SWJ212B1201 SWJ 212 Bowl
SWJ212BEL/RH1200 SWJ 212 Bucket Extension L & R
SWJ612/752BH2335 SWJ 612/752 Bearing Housing
SWJ612/MSJTR1209 SWJ 612/MSJ Trim Ring
SWJ612IGAB210B2336 SWJ612 Intake Grill AB210Bis
SWJ612IGAL10B2333 SWJ 612 Intake Grill AL10Bis
SWJ612IGBB SWJ 612 BisalloyBar 425mmx25x5
SWJ612IH1462 SWJ 612 Impellor Housing
SWJ612JI1460 SWJ 612 Jet Intake
SWJ612NB2331 SWJ 612 Nozzle Bowl
SWJ612NI2337 SWJ 612 Nozzle Insert
SWJ612RB2334 SWJ 612 Reverse Bucket
SWJ612S1463 SWJ 612 Stator
SWJ612SI2332 SWJ 612 Stator Insert
SWJ612SwI1463 SWJ 612 Stator with Insert
SWJ612T1461 SWJ 612 Tailpipe
SWJ6x2 Intake 2577 SWJ6x2 Intake Grill 2577
SWJ6x2I2582 SWJ 6 x 2 Intake
SWJ752/510I1202 SWJ 752/510 Intake
SWJ752/812/852NB1199 SWJ752/812/852 Nozzle Bowl
SWJ752/812RB1196 SWJ 752/812 Reverse Bucket
SWJ752G13x3S2570 SWJ 752 Grill Steel 13×3
SWJ752G13x5S1210 SWJ 752 Grill Steel 13×5
SWJ752G13x5SS2571 SWJ 752 Grill 13×5 S/Steel
SWJ752IG7x5S1211 SWJ 752 Grill Steel 7×5
SWJ752IGAB213x5B2330 SWJ 752 Intake Grill13x5 Bisal
SWJ752T1194 SWJ 752 Tailpiece
SWJ770/MSJND2339 SWJ770/MSJ Pozi Nozzle Deflect
SWJ770B/DSt1190 SWJ 770 Bowl & DeflectorDELETE
SWJ770NB1190 SWJ 770 Nozzle Bowl
SWJ8.75CRI1459 SWJ 8.75 Commercial RossIntake
SWJ812/852BH1193 SWJ 812/852 Bearing Housing
SWJ812/852IH1207 SWJ 812/852 Impellor Hous
SWJ812/852NI1197 SWJ 812/852 Nozzle Inserts
SWJ812/852SH1208 SWJ 812/852 Stator Housing
SWJ812/852TR1447 SWJ 812/852 Trim Ring
SWJ812/852TSA1448 SWJ 812/852 Trim Side Arm
SWJ812JI1189 SWJ 812 Jet Intake
SWJ812S1454 SWJ 812 Stator AB2
SWJ812SH1456 SWJ812 Stator Hous+ AB2 Stator
SWJ812T1195 SWJ 812 Tailpiece
SWJ852/812/752TranR1218 SWJ 852/812/752 Transom Ring
SWJ852JI1213 SWJ 852 Jet Intake
SWJ852PIAB21452 SWJ 852 Primary Impellor AB2
SWJ852RB1217 SWJ 852 Reverse Bucket
SWJ852S1455 SWJ 852 Stator AB2
SWJ852SH1457 SWJ 852 Stator Hous+AB2 Stator
SWJ852SIAB21453 SWJ 852 Secondary Impellor AB2
SWJ852T1451 SWJ 852 Tailpiece
SWJ852XI2580 SWJ 852X Intake
SWJ912BH2573 SWJ 912 Bearing Housing
SWJ912CCA2572 SWJ 912 Close coupling Adaptor
SWJ912D2342 SWJ 912 Nozzle Deflector
SWJ912GAB213x6B2575 SWJ 912 Grill AB2 13×6 Bis
SWJ912GAB213x6SS2578 SWJ 912 Grill AB2 13×6 SS
SWJ912GAL13x6B2579 SWJ 912 Grill AL 13×6 BIS
SWJ912I2340 SWJ 912 Intake
SWJ912IH2348 SWJ 912 Impellor Housing
SWJ912IIP2341 SWJ 912 Intake Inspection Plug
SWJ912NB2350 SWJ 912 Nozzle Bowl
SWJ912NI2574 SWJ 912 Nozzle Insert
SWJ912RB2349 SWJ 912 Reverse Bucket
SWJ912S2346 SWJ 912 Stator
SWJ912SA2344 SWJ 912 Side Arm
SWJ912SAL2581 SWJ 912 Stator Aluminium
SWJ912T2347 SWJ 912 Tailpiece
SWJ912TR2343 SWJ 912 Trim Ring
SWJ912TranR2345 SWJ 912 Transom Ring
SWJ952D1221 SWJ 952 Deflector
SWJ952I1443 SWJ 952 Intake
SWJ952IH1444 SWJ 952 Impellor Housing
SWJ952NB1442 SWJ 952 Nozzle Bowl
SWJ952TP1220 SWJ 952 Tailpiece
SWJ952TPC1446 SWJ 952 Tailpipe Cone
SWJ9SI2329 SWJ 9 Inch Sprint Intake
SWJBP1445 SWJ Bashplate
SWJM20IN1214 SWJ M20 Impellor Nut m/c
SWJMSJDef1192 SWJ MSJ Deflectors
SWJMSJPNB2338 SWJ MSJ Pozi Nozzle Bowl
SWJRC1216 SWJ Reverse Crank AB2
SWJRLA1219 SWJ Reverse Lock Arm
SWJSC1215 SWJ Steering Crank AB2
SWJSG13x3S1204 SWJ Std Grill Steel 13x3mm
SWJSG13x5S1198 SWJ Std Grill Steel13x5mm
SWJSG13x5SS1206 SWJ Std Grill 13×5 S/S
SWJSG6x5S1212 SWJ Std Grill S 6 x 5mm
SWJSG7x5S1205 SWJ Std Grill Steel 7x5mm
SWJSGAB213x5B1449 SWJ Std Grill AB2/BisAlloy13x5
SWJSGB13x51458 SWJ Std Grill Bisalloy 13×5