The Fussy Dog Co. Limited website is a shopify sales site with all products loaded and ready to go.

The site is setup and ready to go simply add the product quantities and it’s ready to sell.

The shopify site has over 2300 customers, and although these customers won’t be transferred to the new owner due to privacy legislation, all customers will be emailed by the liquidate company informing buyers of the change of ownership and giving them the opportunity to continue buying Fussy Dog products.


Company Files and Information

All files including branding information, sales contacts and recipes are stored in a Google Drive which will be transferred to the new owner.


Trade Mark

The trademark for the The Fussy Dog Co is registered with IPONZ and will be transferred to the new owner.


Key brand assets:

RMP and Export license (MPI Registration: FussyPet01)
B-Corp Global ESG Accreditation:

The Fussy Dog Calculator App is a world-leading nutrition and RDI calculator which uses a database of over 10,000 common ingredients to provide nutritional panels (pet food standard as well as human food standard) plus a full analysis of macro and micro nutrient levels of 35 proteins, minerals, and vitamins based on the AAFCO recommendations for a “Complete and Balanced” meal. This information is provided for any recipe combination ratio of the 10,000+ ingredients input by the user and further customised based on user provided information of their pet’s life stage, activity level, and ideal weight.

This app is currently offered for free to consumers who “raw feed” their pets with home made food. This touch point allows Fussy Dog to maintain a relationship with high-spending dog owners who are otherwise lost to other manufacturers. Upgrading this app would also allow for a rich source of data to help inform potential new products such as supplements.

The app can also be used to provide the legally required food nutrition panels for commercially sold human food, something which is a mandatory requirement in many countries for dishes sold in restaurants and cafes, a potential market of hundreds of thousands of customers.

Total marketing spend over three years (including website build, and app build) = ~
$19,000 with ROI of 1136%
Verified customer review rating 4.41 / 5
Total email subscribers = 1700+
Email open rate = 51.5% with click through of 11.67%
Total Fussy Dog loyalty programme user profiles (including owner details, dog name, breed, age etc) = 2104 users
Social media engagement rate = 20%+ (weekly)
Lifetime online store conversion rate = 4.41%
Average order value (website) = $26.43
Repeat customer rate (loyalty) = 81%
Top 5% of products sold by volume in Animates New Zealand
Second place in 2023 FoodStarters competition with trial undergoing at several supermarkets prior to health issues
Some distribution lapsed while owner was experiencing health difficulties but could easily be reinvoked to get national distribution back to 130+ retailers

This channel has $59,750.99 in sales since its creation.


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