Product information (Margins exclude shipping)
New soft plastic recyclable packaging has been designed for all products to improve margins and process, including the instant meal mix which was never released. The changeover to the new packaging was never completed due to funding
constraints, however the key date encoding equipment was purchased and is listed as part
of the assets.

All products are sold with a wholesale price that offers 40% margin for retailers.
All products are human grade and all natural.
All recipes are included in the tender price

Instant Powdered Gravy Range
Mix one teaspoon with water and pour over any dog food and it is guaranteed that your dog
will eat the entire bowl.

DATA POINT: Over 3 years only 7 jars were ever returned for the
money back guarantee.
Flavours Include: Beef, Bacon, & Apple with Green-Lipped Mussel

o Margin with current glass jars: 74.82%
o Margin with new pouch design: 87.86%
Steak & Kidney with Blueberry and Green-Lipped Mussel
o Margin with current glass jars: 75.81%
o Margin with new pouch design: 88.85%
Chicken Breast, Peanut, & Banana with Green-Lipped Mussel
o Margin with current glass jars: 76.82%
o Margin with new pouch design: 89.86%

Teefers Bacon Flavoured Toothpaste Powder
Wet a soft toothbrush and touch the bristles into the powder, then brush dog’s teeth. Active
ingredients: Activated Charcoal and Baking Soda.
Margin with current packaging: 80%
Margin with pre-printed aluminium tins: 88%

Stinky Friends – Whole Air Dried Mussels
These were sold direct to consumers only at a 40% margin

Meal Mix Instant “Cup Noodle” Complete and Balanced Full Mal
This product was designed in consultation with PhD pet nutritionists, and consumer tested
but never market launched. The concept is a dehydrated, long-life, complete and balanced
pet food sold in either pouches or “pot noodle” punnets. The consumer adds boiling water
to the dry powders and “chunks” and the meal will set into a jelly. This offers the
convenience of easy storage, with the consumer feeling of “making their dogs food” to
which they can add additional nutrients.